Held as I feel called to offer it (several times a year)

Location: A virtual experience where we gather together via the {inter webs}

3 DAYS of "Unfuck Your Mindset"

Where you drop the story AND
Unlearn everything you have been conditioned to learn!

You and I, THREE days together - your life will never be the same.

This is where you become HER - the one you have been saying "one day" to.

If you think it's hard your WRONG however that's just an excuse anyhow.... what's truer? 

It scares the crap out of you? That's fair.

Be scared and then act like your two year old self and say HELL YES and if you try and keep me from it

shits gonna get real.


A virtual offering, in the comfort of your chosen space, a group of hell yes women and a relaxed blow your mind vibe. Exactly what you deserve to embrace for 3 days.


You said you were in, 

LET’S DO IT! #awakeningwithin

you'll leap like you've NEVER leapt before..png

3 Days.

One on One sessions.

Group Sessions

Next level crazy up grades

You and me.


To leap like you've NEVER leapt before. ‍

This will be a massive shift ...

Like next level massive. Hang on, because you KNOW you're ready for it.


SO dam ready


UNFUCK Your Mindset!


3 Days, 1:1, with Angie P, to DROP the Story, UNLEARN their Norm, get back to the truth of yourself before you learned, accepted and bought into all the reasons you couldn't or shouldn't. FORGET the rules of how it needs to be done. It's about learning how to step into the truth of who you are, is it about receiving your reality fully and ABSOLUTELY

It's about getting to the heart of it, collapsing time and living what you've been dreaming without any excuses. AND it's about doing it now.





I can't WORK with you if you're not ready to cut out the doubt.


But if you’re READY - You have an opportunity to step into your BEST LIFE at an accelerated pace.


Over these three days I'm going to show you how to step fully into the energy and the reality and the NOW of:

  • Fully Stepping into what is already yours and is waiting for you to receive it.

  • Accessing and CREATING, all things inside of you NOW.

  • Your ideas brought to life INSTANTLY

  • Creativity running through you like a tap that you couldn't turn off if you tried

  • An increase in your energy every day while each day connecting deeper and deeper with unstoppable flow

  • Ongoing transformation in all areas of your life with rapid ENERGY shifts

  • Being fully SEEN, known, desired, and heard, loved and adored in all areas of life.

  • Waking up every day, designing the NEW YOU WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY LIVING IT.

All of this and so much more...

This is exactly what you know you were meant to do and who you were meant to be.

Now your READY to do it.

If you're a HELL YES grab your spot FAST (on our waitlist)



You will receive a full schedule ahead of time.

All daily "work" (which of course never feels like work but more like adventure) will be sent to you in advance.

Daily group meet ups will happen on zoom.

Our sessions will happen on zoom


You have the luxury of joining us from your favourite spot in your pjs or in your party dress what ever suits you. Grab a bevy of choice, kick up your heels and show up ready to shout HELL YES I'm making it happen.


What is it your making happen? 90% of you will gain clarity of that once we begin and we move through the activities.

Next level up grade HELL YES.

Stop dreaming your life start living your dream


Right about now would be when you might begin doubting yourself. That would be 100% normal, given the fact that you have said hell yes to the fact that you have done that so many right times . It would only be expected now right?

So... you have the opportunity to consciously say YES this time nothing is stopping me OR you have the opportunity to consciously say NO BLODY WAY I"M NOT READY!


What are others saying about this opportunity?

Unfuck Your Mindset: It has been a month since I participated and my life is forever changed from that weekend. 

Heading into that weekend, I had the intention of working through my mindset around my relationship with my husband (Kyle). When I had invested in the offering, I had intended to be working through money mindset, however, what felt right and was needed in that moment was a new way of communicating with my husband. My future I was working toward was a future I didn't want without him so something had to give. I knew it wasn’t him, it had to be me but I felt completely lost and stuck in a never-ending loop of conflict.

I was nervous. I didn’t want to do this wrong. I wanted to be sure that I would grasp it all and be able to apply what I learn. I didn’t know what to expect. I almost wished I had not been so quick to jump on the offer. 

It couldn’t have been more of a contrast from what I entertained in thought! 

First let’s talk about the space that Angie created, it was perfect…filled with love, support, gentle guidance and space to have your own experience within. I really appreciated how it just flowed and felt.

You learn to look at the mind in a very different way, how to dance with it not against it, to look at shame as it has shown up and shows up in your life with soft eyes and a gentle heart. The feeling was so nonthreatening giving a much different experience for me than when I have had to explore shame in the past. 

You will learn a simple but incredibly powerful skill that will move you from effect to being at cause in your world. This tool was eye opening and has given me power over my emotional reactions with Kyle but also with many key people in my daily life. It amazes me every time! 

I believe I can speak for each of us that the magic that can happen when you learn to let a person and yourself “off the hook” is profound. This experience for me made it undeniable how easy it really is when you do the work. And when I do my work, I am witnessing before my eyes Kyle doing the work. It’s incredible really.

Often I find when learning new skills and awesome tools you’re kind of left to face the world again. It quickly becomes easy to get caught up in it again. What I loved about this program was that it felt whole, like it was completed before we parted. We were given guidance and generous space to vision our best version of self, the one we desire to be and then taught how to embody her. I am more and more becoming her because I have felt her and magic is happening in my life regularly.

I am so grateful this opportunity came when it did and that Angie created it the way she did. The value of this investment is more than you can ever know until you experience it. If you are ready to unprogram what you know and experience what you can know, then don’t think twice when she offers this again. If you are emotionally reactive and feel it gets in the way, you will find magic in this offering. Do this for yourself because you deserve it. ~Angie Brazeau Mallory

Unfuck Your Mindset helped me to truly see! 

It was more than unfucking my mind.  For me, it would be better described as outer mind experience.

It allowed me to face my thoughts and see them for what they were. 

I learned how to mold new perceptions for myself and my entire life.  This has allowed me to see that only I hold the key to everything I want in and out of my life. 

I was taught how to look deep below the surface where my truth lies. In the depths of it all, I found why I thought and perceived the things, situations and people in my life the way I did. 

I learned how to break free from the strong grip my old perceptions of doubt, guilt, resentment and fear had on me. I still feel the feels of setting myself free from everything that used to hold me down. This sensation for me is my outer mind experience as I can see myself still rising, and everything including the old me, far below. I see and feel the work I did and still do from Unfuck Your Mindset.  I see myself moving further and further from where I was, to where I am meant to go, and be.  

The outer mind power has allowed me to interpret new ways of seeing and experiencing my life and the world around me, in a way that is truer and better serves me and all I desire.  Now does that mean I never get angry or scream, cry, have anxiety or worry?  No!  I was taught to accept all of me and my life, and be thankful for the good and not so good, and be able to see the beauty in both. This is where the magic happened and happens for me.  For example, I am learning more and more how to befriended my anger, tears, concern, doubt and anxiety.  I appreciate them for always protecting me, and always will.  But I can hear the message of my anger, tears, worry, doubt and anxiety clearer, telling, and reminding me to look at myself and within to relive my suffering. Only I hold the key to do this.

Unfuck Your Mindset allowed me to find a new sense of worthiness. This has allowed me to have a higher respect for myself.  Therefore, I am better equipped with building healthy limits around what I want in my life and what I don’t. 

Unfuck Your Mindset truly did unfuck my mind.  I am not the same person since.  I do not interpret things, people or places the same.  The lenses of my mind have been replaced with newer lenses, and they have not fallen off, nor have I have I ever taken them off at any moment. I no longer judge or lame blame on others.  I take total responsibility for my life and everything that happens in it.  I have a choice to see and interpret things as I do, feel as I do, and choose as I do. By doing this I am able to allow other to do the same.  From this, more and more, I see things, myself and others the way I have never seen them before.  It’s MAGICAL!

I watch over my mind, with this outer mind experience I experience daily.  I choose to be kind, gentle and love myself.  Having and keeping loving myself as my number one priority in my life, I know it will naturally create all of what I want to exist in my life, as I see proof of the beauty of this daily.  Since life for sure will definitely give me many opportunities to practice and use my new lenses that Unfuck Your Mindset provided, along with its many handy tools and exercises, I am sure to receive, and live the life that I truly desire, as I now have a better view and am clearer on the direction I want to go. ~ Christina Marie Hollis

I’m so glad that you will offer this again in the future, it’s an experience I would recommend to anyone ready for transformation. I’m so grateful for your gifts.