An offering, a journey, through your mind, body, heart, and spirit, all leading into to your Sacred Self. A Sacred Soul Synchronization.


A longing to feel fully alive

A desire to experience the vibrancy of life

A readiness to embrace the pieces of yourself that you have been keeping tucked away

A knowing that something more is waiting for you

A willingness to dive into your soul and unearth what has been calling to you



I invite you to join me for your Spirits Awakening

How would “YOU” show up inside of a full year dedicated to you?

A small intimate group of women, an immersion of Eastern teachings with Western integration, of alignment, of purpose of pure passion where dreams become truth, desires are fulfilled and transformational adventures are experienced. Nothing short of a soul journey.

A year of adventure, of you loving you more, of women with a wild heart ready to live a life of exploration, uncovering their deepest desires and allowing them to become. A year of sexy and sassy and a little badassy.

Wild women who have a deep knowing that life is an irresistible dance when we take it’s hand and say yes - YES.

It’s a gathering unlike any other. Soul nurturing, adventure inducing, breathtakingly intoxicating.


This Journey has been wanting to become for a long, long time. 

I have been feeling it and it's time is now,

How might it look and feel, I’ve dreamt about this.

Safe, intimate, adventurous, soul seeking, fulfilling, nurturing, deep, connected…….

an intimate dance within ourselves and amongst a group of the most divine women.

Women who are strong and….. soft

Women who have boundaries and…. are giving

Women who know fear and…. trust

Women who have been hurt and…. choose love

Women who will say no….. and YES

This journey is one that brings together women who feel as though they have journeyed together in life times past.

A reunion of sorts where hearts and spirits are brought together to remind one another of who we came here to be.

These souls long for adventure, for passion, for purpose. They long for a safety net that holds them as they explore the depths of their own soul.

They do not need all the answers, they know the answers are unearthed as the journey ahead becomes each new day.

You are invited to join me as I step into the most intimate year of my life, into the unknown, into the adventure, into what will be.

Into what I have always said will be one day……

You will be stepping into the same.

A year of adventure, of you loving you more, of women with a wild heart ready to live a life of exploration, uncovering their deepest desires and allowing them to become. A year of sexy and sassy and a little badassy.

Wild women who have a deep knowing that life is an irresistible dance when we take it’s hand and say yes - YES.

A year of us together.

If your heart is dancing and you can feel your yes you are one of the sacred 10 that will form OUR Inner Circles Heart


You ARE INVITED to join me as I step into the most intimate year of my life.

Into the unknown, into the adventure, into what will be.

A year of allowing all that is to be while consciously creating WHAT WILL BE in the days, moths and year ahead.

My passion, my magic, my true gift is supporting women in stepping into all of who they truly are. What does that mean exactly?

It means:

  • Uncovering the pieces of you that are longing to be seen and felt again.

  • Growing into feeling worthy of your dreams

  • Unearthing what has been holding you back

  • Dissolving the ideas, thoughts and beliefs that you have been carrying around but are not yours.

  • Accepting and loving yourself in ways that you have not been

  • Reconnecting with your dreams and discovering new ones.

  • Living fully, feeling fulfilled, and stepping into your future fully.

It means all of this and so much more, this is what is the heart of our work.

If you are ready, we would be honoured to have you join us.

My invitation to you is to say yes. Over. And over. And over again to yourself, your dreams and your future.


HOW WOULD IT LOOK…. Stepping into all of you?

Showing up in this world authentically, letting go of the worry of being too big or shining too bright and claiming your worth is what you are ready to do. This is the practice & the work of self-love. This is where passion and purpose live. It is within tiny moments of self-love that your soul is ignited and you begin to feel yourself live fully. This is the gift of The Inner Circle. Soft, gentle and soul nurturing and sexy, sassy and a little badassy the perfect cocktail for a life fully experienced. A perfect combination to bring into an intimate gathering of sensual women.

Coming away knowing yourself more intimately, trusting and allowing your spirit to guide you. Feeling alive, vibrant and sensual allowing you to experience life's offerings more fully.

An Awakened Spirit

  • honours her sacred yesses

  • feels into herself and asks what is longing to step forward

  • finds a comfort within which radiates confidence

  • cultivates a spirit of giving and receiving, circling one back into the other

  • adorns all of she sacred parts 

  • listens for the unspoken words

  • she asks, believes, receives


Inner Circle happenings

For a year we will gather, I will tend to our gathering and gently guide you inside. Inside a space that is adorned with women who will lift you up, inspire you and hold as you are inside of any moment. The women who gather with you will become a part of your sisterhood, I have journeyed with so many of these beautiful souls over and over, their love is deep and oh so real.

For a year I will invite you to trust deeper, to become more curious, to embrace the possibilities. What ever learnings you are carrying with you in this moment - I'll ask you to release them and gift yourself the experience of unlearning, stepping into a deeper truth. A truth which brings you into all of who you truly are. To the woman who has had her hand reached out to you asking, "are you ready?"

For a year we will marry Eastern teachings with Western integration. We will unearth who we truly are, who we desire to become and who we have actually always been yet have been scared shitless to step into. I will ask you to trust and practice believing, that is is not meant to be hard and that indeed you are deserving of it all and so much more.

Together we step forward as we begin this journey.

how does she desire to be painted in this moment.png

Journaling, visioning, becoming, unearthing, exploring, trusting

How might our experience look inside of our gathering? While my spirit says do not create limitations my mind says it would be helpful.


  • Weekly journal prompts, with videos deepening your experience

  • By-weekly Eastern Teachings and explorations leading to integration

  • Monthly visioning, and aligning (where you become and experience effortlessly)

  • Zoom virtual calls with Q&A and exploration of each week's prompt

  • Facebook Lives where we connect in real time with you amongst real life happening

  • A Circle of women who will be steeping into all of who they are along with you, supporting you and seeing you

  • Nourishing self through food, movement and mindfullnes

This is a very small example of all that is about to be


You are welcomed and invited to join us.

PLEASE do reach out and message me if there are any questions you have at all xox


You may be wondering what success has to do with the inner circle…. it is all of these pieces that bring us fully into ourselves. It is all of that that let’s us live the life that we have been dreaming of for oh so long. It will also give you a much deeper understanding of all of the gifts you are about to give yourself xox. Enjoy


Hi I'm Angie my soul desires to journey with yours. 

there is nothing exciting about normal.png

I am a lover of depth, where unearthing and truth begin to dance together. A tapestry weaver, entwining dreaming and living. A manifesting mistress. A high vibe change agent. I am a spirt who listens for the unspoken words, seducing your longings out of your soul, allowing you to integrate them back into your being. 

I am a soul that desires to guide yours when you are longing to step fully into your sacred self, bring more of you into this life, rediscover the truth of your spirit, call forth compassion and deep self love and arrive with an inner knowing of perfection within all of your sacred parts.

A woman integrating passion and purpose setting your soul on fire igniting the sparks which illuminate the path of dreaming your life awake. You can learn more about my journey below.

Creating, offering and holding space for women to circle together is a passion that I hold dear. Creating an experience that the other may integrate is a gift my heart is honoured to offer.

All of this, all of you...

If this calls to you, welcome to our circle.

I am so happy you are here.