You’re are one of the rare ones.

You’re hungry for life and all it has to offer.

You’ve gotten a taste and it’s left you hungry for more.

You’re motivated, passionate and determined not to settle for mundane.

Your life, your love, your work… it’s has to light you up, it has to continually spark your desire for going beyond the expected. It has to because you have lived inside of so/so, not to bad and pretty good for long enough.

You’ve gotten to where you are through dedication, determination and hustle. You’ve accomplished incredible things and now you’ve decide you’re going to have so much more.

Which of these fit you?

An entrepreneur who’s tired of the boom and bust cycles in your business, finally ready to up your game freeing yourself from having to appear as though you’ve gotten it all figured it out while secretly spinning your wheels and banging your head off the wall. You’re ready to let it be easy and toss every rule of business you’ve acquired out the window.

A spiritual seeker who’s been on the path for some time and is ready to drop the fluff and the spiritual bypassing. You’re ready to dive into what’s actually going on in your life, why you are currently experiencing life the way you are and move beyond it. You’re done sitting at this standstill and are ready to step in fully.


Your experiencing challenges inside of your relationship(s). You may be inside a time of transition moving into or out of a relationship and no longer wish to carry your patterns of past relationships with you. Current relationships may feel overwhelming, stressful and frustrating. You’ve done all you know to do yet things are feeling heavy and hopeless. You’re often left feeling like your the only one putting in any effort while the other may seem to be oblivious to the fact there are any concerns at all.

It’s time, you’ve been ready to up-level your life for ages, you have no idea what you’ve been waiting for but today is the day.

This is our work together. 

You want the life, the love, the business and the freedom you have been dreaming of  for years. You want to go all in. You want to show up fully inside of your life unapologetically.

Deep down you know what’s required to have all of that. You know it takes willingness, dis-comfort and consistency. 

You know that those that move beyond, up level their life and claim their dreams, align themselves with the coaches that can support their growth. You’re ready to allow outside eyes to see what you’re to close to see. You’re ready for unbiased support. You no longer need it to feel and look fluffy. 

You have already transformed your life in many ways. Others look up to you and respect you, you are one of the few that do the work BUT you’re not going to stop there. You’ve only just begun and now you’re ready for whats next.

There are only two directions you know, forward and up.

You’re willing to do the work to get the results. You know your purpose in life is much greater than your current reality and you’re relentless in your pursuit of living inside of your best life.

Success…. you know what it feels like, you’ve experienced it before. Stagnation…. you know it intimately as well.

Wisdom…. the life experiences you’ve had, have built your current reality and for that you are grateful.

All of that has left you knowing there is more to your story, more to be savoured and MORE to claim as yours.

Motivation and inspiration are things you do not require. 

You’re not after quick fixes, magic pills or special formulas.

TRANSFORMATION is what you are after. Lasting change, permanent shifts in consciousness and a complete excavation of what’s covered you up….. delivered to you with honesty and compassion. All of it leading you to the life, the love, the work, the money, the joy, the fulfillment, the passion and the freedom you know is available to you.

You know all to well that fixing surface level shit simply causes more of the same down the road. You know that convincing “them” they need to change has never led to stronger relationships. You know that a quick influx of sales never leads to lasting results. You know that acting as if it is all working has never made it work.

You’re ready for success.

Success to you is deep connections, impacting the lives of others by showing up fully, passionate love, soul led work, deep conversations, time freedom and being abundantly rewarded for all of it financially.

You’ve tried to gain all of these things in your life in ways that, you couldn’t ever imagine having to maintain in the long run. You’ve applied bandaids only to have them ripped off. You’ve put in so much effort that it was no longer even true to who you are. You’ve pushed so hard for it that you pushed it over. The truth is, it all drained you rather than igniting your inner spark. It left you feeling exhausted rather than energized.

You’re done with all the antics, the idea of continuing on with them is making you crazy.

You’re ready for a SENSUAL, VIBRANT, ALIVE life.

You’re ready to have what you’ve always known you’d have.

This is where it’s at.

You haven’t seen the lasting results yet because you haven’t aligned with the truth (your truth).

Until now you have watched and experienced the same patterns show up in your life time after time because you’ve never gotten to the core of them, stepping into your true power.

The chase of the hunt excites you more than the capture because you’ve believed that once you get it you should just be grateful for it and then you stop there. You’ve tried to smother your burning desire to continually up level and that has always lead to unfulfillment.

You’ve tried to take others into account and not show up too big or too bold or too loud only to cut yourself off from your own soul.

The dreams, desires and possibilities you feel - the very ones you continually shut down and hold back on….. THEY ARE THE ONES that this world needs and that you came here to bring forward.


They are your purpose, they are your passion and until you say HELL YES to them you are holding out on your life.

You, living your life - your true, real, fully aligned life WILL change the lives of others. Holding back is cheating everyone.

I know this because that {was} me. 

I do THIS work because it is my true, real, fully aligned life - that changes the lives of others.

  • I will guide you deeper and deeper into yourself in a way that will leave you surfacing just long enough to take a deep breath and then you’ll go deeper wanting to discover more.

  • I’ll remind you of your innate power in this life and how you can best bring it forth, honouring it fully.

  • I’ll invite you to increase your willingness to levels you’ve never explored, permanently shifting the patterns of the past.

  • I’ll support you in reaching levels of consciousness that you’ve not ever had a tangible experience of leaving you knowing EXACTLY what is possible

  • I’ll guide you to the recognition and remembrance of who you truly are, what you are capable of and all that you deserve.

Naturally your thinking to yourself, what exactly does that mean?

That means that you will have a

Clarity of Vision and Desires Session

Gaining insights of what you truly desire and what is calling you. Tuning out of the noise of all that you HAVE done.

ACTUALLY aligning with soul, tapping in and literally getting turned on! Uncovering what you need to release and what you need to bring into your life in order to live in both inner and outer integrity.

Money, Mindset, Reset Session

Deconstructing your personal money story. Money challenges never have anything to do with money. It’s never about the abundance or lack of it. Its never about your ability to earn it or make it. It is ALL about who you are and HOW you are showing up in the world around you. Step into yourself in a way that allows you to show up both authentically and unapologetically, naturally attracting the money that will support your passion led desires to come into realization.

Vision Mapping Session

The what, is becoming clear, the how will be laid out before you. Tapping into your inner guidance you will move from the vision into the actualization. As we journey through these three months together you will be bringing it all into your reality.

Relationship Reframe Session

Reframing and reseting the relationship you have with yourself allows you to transform the relationships that you have with others naturally and effortlessly. It’s never been about them, what they are doing or what they are not doing and that’s why the patterns you are experiencing with different people in your life are playing on repeat. Relationship rest…. let’s go.

Releasing The Hold Session

The purpose of this session is to go deep into the self, seeing, feeling and releasing what it is that has had it’s hold on you. Self worth, significance, being seen and heard. Seeing it all for what it is, shifting the dark resisted energies, bringing them into the light where they are transformed into the energy of what allows your truest desire to come to you.

We will have three months together which will include weekly 1:1 sessions and unlimited Voxer (voice messenger) support in-between. Why 3 months - because you need the integration time. Transforming your life is a practice. There is no one and done. In honouring both you and I, I work with those prepared to commit the there months to themselves.

Our time together will be guided by you. You will choose what you want to wok on/through when and I will facilitate your transformation.

All active 1:1 clients have complimentary access to all programs I offer during our time together.

If you are the HELL YES woman who’s ready to lean into life fully, you are invited to connect with me and have a powerful conversation to discuss what’s next. Simply send me off a message via the link below sharing your interest and we’ll go from there.


You can do that right HERE.

Wondering If This Is For You

Let’s connect and step into a powerful conversation around how this will look for you.