When They Don't Care What You Want... This Is Probably Why.

Just get in the pool....png

You want to be seen and heard and yet you're uncomfortable taking up space!

No one understands me.

He/she doesn’t listen to me.

They don’t care what I need.

They don’t get me.

They’re just not where I’m at.

They don’t make any effort.

blah blah blah

Let’s just call a spade a spade shall we.

You are uncomfortable saying what you want.

You beat around the bush so much that no-one has a clue what they are even supposed to be listening for.

You hold yourself back from sharing what it is you actually need, if you even know yourself.

You don’t get you.

You’re not where you want to be.

Ok so now that we’ve gotten that straightened around we can all unitedly take one deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.

Now if you’re sitting there thinking who the hell does she think she is, well hot stuff “I am you”.

Checking in with myself this morning as to how my morning was going to look I realized I needed to get my but to the pool.

Perfect. It’s quiet, no one is there this time of day. I won’t need to talk to anyone. Just what I need.

I get there and for the love of God there’s a dude laying around the pool.

All I could think of was are you shitting me. First off I waltz down in a bikini, second I want to do lengths, third looking like an idiot is my biggest hang up in life.

My question to myself becomes, do I say anything to acknowledge him and not be rude? Do I leave and come back latter? Everything in me wanted to turn around and leave and then I realized, “You want to be seen and heard and yet you are uncomfortable taking up space”


Get your ass in the pool, do your lengths, mind your own business and stop making this your excuse to run!

Done, done and done.


Stop pretending it has anything to do with anyone other than yourself!

I catch myself inside of things like this all the time.

I’ll mask it as: 

“I just want to be alone”

“They won’t understand me anyhow”

“I’m an introvert”

“There is no point waisting my energy”

“They never listen to me anyhow”

Yada yada yada

I know you can hear yourself inside of my words because I listen to people stuck in the exact same spot in life day in and day out.

Are you sick of listening to yourself yet?

To be honest, I’m sick of listen to you and I’m sick of listening to me.

Here’s the thing. Those words are thoughts that come from a place in the mind. 

They aren’t actually what you want. 

They are….. absolutely what create “self inflicted suffering” as I call it.

You engage in your own bs and before you know it you believe it. Suddenly all of your problems in life, your unhappiness, your lack of healthy relationships, lost dreams, desires unfulfilled, lacking self-confidence and inability to experience life the way you desire to is everyone elses' fault.

And it’s all because.

No one understands me.

He/she doesn’t listen to me.

They don’t care what I need.

They don’t get me.

They’re just not where I’m at.

They don’t make any effort.

They are self centred and selfish.

You know where I’m going with this.

Get your ass in the pool.

Take up space.

Say the words.

Articulate what you need.

Share your truth - WITHOUT judgement or assholery (just pretend that’s a word)

Detach from if they can or are willing to give you what you want.

Stop focusing on who get’s you and start getting yourself.

Trust me… you are no where special so drop the ego game. (this will get you further than anything else)

Stop making excuses for your own lack of effort by projecting it onto others.

Non of this has anything to do with anyone except YOU and of course ME!

Look at how simple that actually was!

Remember, life is not meant to be hard.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard..png

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Drop the excuses and point your fingers towards yourself.

and remember, it has nothing to do with them so if you actually want what you say you want…..

Let’s go get it.

This is where I help you develop your willingness to see yourself right where you are, teach you to accept it without making it wrong AND being moving forward from the truth of who you are.

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