YOU KNOW IT, you just don't actually, truthfully BELIEVE IT

angie peladeau next level you

I am worthy of respect, I am entitled to respect, I am not available to anything less than respect.

I am open, I am honest, I am humble and I communicate clearly and precisley, I am an energetic match for exactly the same.

I do not have space in my life to drag others along when they are not interested in supporting themselves. It is not my responsibilty to better them. I am responsible to myself for my own inner awareness and work, I am responsible for my own willingness and curiosity, I am responsible for my own energy and my commitment to it - THAT'S ALL.

Enough of the bullshit already.

Enough making the other one the reason you cannot step into next level you.

Enough worrying about it is a good time.

Enough worrying about if you upset the apple cart.

Enough of all the disractions and all the bullshit you are piling infront of you to use as YOUR excuse.

Next Level You is here for you RIGHT NOW.

You get to step into it or you don't it's your CHOICE

But you do not get to make it about why you can't right now because of anyone else.

You do not get to make it about anyone or anything other than your own willingness.

So what's it going to be is it a HELL YES or a HELL NO?

It has been knocking at your door for a LOOOONNNNGGGGG time.

You have turned it down over and over and yet here it is showing up again.

Ask yourself this and for the love of God be honest THIS TIME.

If you knew this was your L A S T opportunity to say HELL YES I am fully commited to stepping into my best life, my most authentic life, my most unapologetic life and NO ONE is going to distract me, take it away from me or stop me....


What would your honest, real, unedited unapologetic answer be?

Is it a HELL YES or

HELL NO and don't ever give me the opportunity again?

Heads up.... if you're feeling all extra special thinking I'm writting this to you 🙄 waving my finger at you - WRONG. These were my words to me not that long ago.

Let me guess... it goes something like this dosen't it?

You have DECIDED. You have it pictured so clearly in your mind. You know what you want, you know what you need to do, you begin and HOLY HELL BATMAN..... some bullshit shows up every single time. Just when you had begun to gain momentum.


You become fully engaged in the distraction. You have stepped off course, you loose momentum, whatever it is becomes all comsuming and next thing you know you don't have the energy, ability to focus or interest in going ALL IN anymore. It's as though your drive and desire just vanished.

It feels heavey and hard, you ask yourself why the hell is it everytime I get going "something" big happens and that thing needs your energy and attention right now???


you , me, we

It's self sabotage.... enough already.

If you were fully aligned and fully commited.

If you backed yourself 100%

If you were knowing of your worth and your ability.

If you were not second guessing it.

If you stopped being run by fear.

None of it would throw you off course.

But.... you have to be 100% behind yourself first.

You have to step into NEXT LEVEL YOU before you ever feel ready.

Waiting for the distractions to settle. Using the shit that hits the fan every time as your reason for not staying course. Giving "it" your time, attention and focus..... will ensure that you never step into next level you.

I'd love to know if you can relate to this.

You're in super flow, your momentum is up, it feels expansive and effortless, incredible opportunities just keep showing up... and then some sort of self sabotage creeps in.

It's as though the subconscious is screaming - you can't have it all. You can't have it this good - you can't let it be this easy.

You know that's what's going on, you can see you pattern... but for what ever reason you sink into it deeper and allow the self sabotage to continue. You know what you need to do to pul yourself out and yet your like meh... I'm just gonna sit over here in resistance and keep making excuses and do everything except what I know would being me back into Superflow.

You know what - you, me, we - are not in integrity at those times. We have fallen so far out of integrity we cannot get up.

It's a choice of staying stuck, staying down, making excuses.

Its a choice of saying this time I am going to get up and stay up and NOONE/NOTHING is going to be given the space to take me down.

Next Level You teaches you how to see it, how to know what you are doing that's holding you back from it. How to get into and stay in alignment. How to be in both inner and outter integrity.

NLY teaches you how to break the bloody rules as to how easy you can let it be or more importantly that it GETS to be when you actually align with your soul.

Your next level you is waiting to offer you Unapologetic CLARITY in a way where you STOP TRYING TO DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Super Flow is what is waiting at the next level you.

It teaches you how to recognize the things your doing that you already know, but refuse to see are not honouring yourself. As a result of that what happens? Unapologetic CLARITY as to what you need to do to ALLOW it to happen.

What's happening inside of the self sabotage that you keep creatting? You're putting your hand on top of you truest desires, pushing them down saying NO thanks, I don't want my life's desires or my worth. I'm NOT going to honour myself. You're putting your hand on the abundance and recieving switch saying NO THANKS I don't want it - I'm good here, living my half assed life


How has this shown up in my life? I have ALWAYS known that my biggest gift is my unrealistic expectaions of life.

I've ALWAYS known I will be pushing the boundaries, like Next Level You, for breaking the rules, and for unintetionally being a bit of a rebel (ok maybe, perhaps sometimes mildly intentionally), that I get known.

I've always known that the BIG-TIME make it all happen shit is going to be based on me ENTIRELY doing it on my terms (no rules, no structure, all just my own processes and steam).

I've always known it's also going to include me supporting others, showing them how, leading them to give themselves permission, being a little random and all over the place but of course also DEEPLY powerful in my preaching.

I've always known I'm gonna to impact tens of thousands ...

I’ve always known I'm going to end up living ocean side in a beach house that has a South facing glass filled wall, situated on a piece of property that offers both a view of the sun rise and sun set. I'll open that home for retreats for A list VIP clients who are nothing but HELL YES. I'll play the role of one of the most famous and influential messengers in the world, so of course I'll play me ...

I've known I have BIG things to do, that people are waiting for me to show up fully and bring it all.

I've known that what was once looked at as complicated and hard when shared by others totally transforms when shared through my message into easy, gracfilled truth. But again - that's gonna come when I step into and back myself 100% ... which by the way does not mean I make all the things happen... it means I allow them to happen 🙂

I've always known that the more I try to make it all happen, meaning put the stratagies in place, create the to-do lists, model what other successful people are doing the further I get from living my desired life.

I've always known the more I DO NOT buy into the rules, follow their path, ignor their bread crub trail and forget what they believe is necessary in order to be successful, that that is when it will work FOR ME, but not kind of work... REALLY work. It's always been that way for me, since school days ... I NEVER need to follow rules to succeed or win at being me.

Why would I?!?! Why would you?!?! I just decide what is MEANT to happen, then I decide it WILL, then it's done.

Exactly like how I decided I would live in another country for 3 months a year. That it would not be a big deal, that it would fall into place easily and that I wouldn't have a bunch of stuff to take care of that would make it feel difficult or heavy and then I booked the flights, packed up my family and headed off for two months only to return and enjoy a full month to myself while still connecting with those I love daily, enjoying all of my work (clients) from where ever I choose to be while soaking up the sun, eating all the food, enjoyng the lattes and getting tattooed.

You have to step into NEXT LEVEL YOU before you ever feel ready. This is where you are willing to get your hand of the hell no button and you look resistance in the eye, see it for what it is and DO IT ANYWAYS beause you know that that is where everything in life opens up for you and to you.

Let me remind you of something that you ALREADY know -

There are no rules.

There never were rules.

There never will be rules around when how or if you get to life your most desired life.

Somebody should burn the non existent rule book, NOW!

The somebody should be you.

Here's the thing -

It's a TRUST thing. Let's just call a spade a spade. It's a total trust thing, that's how ALL of life works.

Do you - are you WILLING to - have enough trust to back yourself with what you feel and see and know inside of you 100%?

If I'm going to be unapologeticly honest, if you did and you DO, then, well, you would be living it ALREADY.

Sorry, not sorry.

And it would make all of THIS ... business, life, money, relationship stuff ... SO much easier.

You'd NEVER need to worry about what to do.

You also wouldn't need to worry about how you're going to GET to where you want to go and life the life you desire.

You'd just align and step in -

OWN what you see, feel and know inside of you.

You'd know how to read it almost like reading a room service order or something.

You'd ACCEPT it.

Say Hell Yes, CHOOSE IT (i.e. say yes, thank you, that's what I'll have, and done!)

And then you'd take whatever action you're being guided to take in the NOW.

There's never anything you need to do ...

But there's always action to take!

Next level You is waiting for you.

Is it a HELL YES or

HELL NO and don't ever give me the opportunity again?

You are invited to join us.

If you're ready to say yes to YOU.

I'm thinking you are

I'm also thinking you've been waiting to understand the exact mindset and vibration that I live inside of, the how to's and the DO NOT NEED TO DO's as well as the how to know what does not matter at all (dropping the self sabotage).

Let me know below.


Life is not hard, let it be easy.

xo (2).png

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