Why I Dropped My Success Coaching Business Over Night


Entrepreneurship has been my entire life, I could count On one hand the number of years I have ever worked for someone else. How it has looked over the last 18 years has shaped and shifted many times and what once felt in complete alignment began to feel icky.

As a Success Coach to women in business I had the opportunity to increase their income not only substantially but also rather quickly and on my end rather effortlessly.

Systems, strategies, optimization, collapsing time and getting them the results they deserved. It was a win win situation. I was able to do what I was passionate about and they were able to get what they wanted………until they couldn’t!

For me that was the turning point. 

Again and again I would work with amazing women who realized amazing results while we were working together, when they were being held accountable, when I said what needed to be said if they were slacking off or buying into their own stories.

Again and again before long the spiral downwards would reoccur.

I stepped back. I studied how our industry is showing up and how younger coaches are being taught to “market”, suddenly I knew I was done.

Teaching you how to make money is simple. Showing you how to grow your business is easy. Handing you all the systems and straggles that will basically do the heavy lifting for you….. yes I created those too. 

It’s simple for me because I have done the work. I do the work E V E R Y day. Over and over and over again.

What is not in alignment for me is telling you:

You need to do this because it worked for me.

You need to follow these steps if you want to get to where I’m at.

This is how it is done, I have figured it all out.

This is the magic secret.

What is not in integrity for me is:

Guiding you to the belief that I have what you need.

Me telling you that I know exactly what you need to do.

Suggesting that if you do what I do you can have my life.

It’s an ego gratifying endeavour, this coaching world at the moment. It has changed so much, as all things do and it is no longer in alignment with who I am and for that reason…… I AM OUT

What I know to be true not only in my life but in the lives of the women that I have worked with for years is this.

{When you do your work, it works}

What is "it"? What ever it is you desire to bring into your life.

What is “Your Work”?

“Your Work” is where you find the answers that you are currently looking for outside of yourself.

It is where you uncover what has been covered up.

It is where you remember who you are.

It is where you discover what you ACTUALLy want and more importantly what you don’t want.

It is where you learn how to create your own rules around what you need to do and how it’s going to look.

It is where you come to the deepest understanding of why nothing has been creating permanent, sustainable change in your work and in your life. The yo-yo effect stops!

It’s where you learn to tap in, align, dig deep and trust.

It is where Y O U do the work….. all of it.

The one thing I do not ever desire to hear again from any woman is {I wish I had your life}

My wish for you, my walking prayer for you as we walk together is that you create the life that YOU desire and that YOU deserve, that you stop looking at me (or anyone else as being above you)

My wish for you is that as I reintroduce you to the truth of who you are, you take her by the hand and say YES, I am ready to be all that I came here to be.

This is my work, this is your work, this is the work of the women that have gathered together for a year long journey of “Spirit Awakening

This is where I light a spark that sets your soul on fire and slowly you awaken within.

This is the work that creates lasting change.

This is the work that will always guide you to success.

This is the work that truly allows you to feel what you desire to feel in this life because we all know what you truly desire has nothing to do with dollar signs and yet when begin to feel those feels…… the success naturally follows.

If you're ready to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers.

If you are ready to be responsible for doing your work.

If you are ready to stop looking for a quick fix and are ready to learn how to find your own answers.....

You are invited to join us for this incredible journey of "Spirit Awakening"

Remember, life is not meant to be hard.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard..png