The Place Where Fragmented Living Ceases To Exist


Together we walked through the paths umbrella overhead, her arm gently and lovingly holding mine. The genuine love and compassion for all was tangible. The recognition of and connection to all things, undeniable.

Around the fire we would gather, cauldrons holding sacredness, the very things she was most connected to. Gifts from the earth would warm from beneath and release the oils for weeks to come. When they give all that they have to give, to the earth they will be returned. 

Leaves, blossoms, roots, shoots, fresh and dried would line the tables in hand woven palm baskets stacked several high. Wood ash which had previously given it’s heat would soak in vats of water and give yet again.

Pots of magic, producing distilled goodness. Her eyes would begin to shine even brighter as she lifted the lid to share…. “please don’t waste anything. When you think you’ve taken the goodness it has to offer you, remember this - What’s good for us from it’s inside leaves what’s good for us on our outsides.

Carrot, cucumber, citrus, blossoms, foliage and water all coming together to create the most delicately scented, healing waters.

As the rain gently fell, beneath a canopy of jungle foliage we would sit and begin to magically transform what was once foliage, blossoms, fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots and shoots into what would become the most luxurious products I have ever experienced.

A feeling of connectedness and gratitude beyond anything that I have have experienced grew. A knowing of, indeed I can eat these products and they would be as nourishing to me internally as they are externally. That nothing was waisted. That only when any individual part had given all it had to offer would it be returned to the earth to provide yet again.

As we wound our way through the foot paths over and over again there was a new brilliance in what each plant had to offer. Each one offering multiple benefits, all of them tenderly growing amongst each other, supporting one another and giving to the others.

This one simple apothecary experience would delicately combine all of my parts. My entire life would come together inside of this experience and as I said my goodbyes what I truly knew was that I was just beginning to say hello.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard..png