Inside Of A Single Moment


And inside of this moment I notice eyes that look outward, seeing all of who they are, all of what they can do, all that I desired to be. Softening, becoming curious about the outward gaze, letting it be as it is without needing it to change I sink in deeper, feel it in its entirety and begin to follow the trail that it leaves leading to the heart.

Slowly and gently exploring the spaces that up until now have been diligently manoeuvred around. Now seeing how silent the screams of the eyes looking inward have been.

How they quietly haunt and within a moment there was an internal shift, followed by a softened inward gaze that witnesses where she has been incredibly harsh, so unrealistic, so hurtful towards herself and that was all that was asking to be witnessed. 

Nothing more was needing to be seen, unearthed or discovered. 

And from that space she would step more fully into her than she ever has.

There is so much within you asking to be seen, to be witnessed, to be healed, to be released. Can you allow it to surface and hold it tenderly just for a moment and experience the shift that occurs?

Remember, life is not meant to be hard.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard..png