Are You Actually A HELL YES Woman?

hell yes.jpg

You may very well be a "hell yes" woman however your yes to the same thing over and over and over again that has kept you loving, living and experiencing life the same old way....... well what's that all about anyhow?

The yes to it didn't work last time but if I just push a little harder.

The yes to it hasn't worked yet but if I just add this to it.

The yes to all the reasons this is happening to you yet again.

The yes to if it worked for them it will work for me.

There is only one yes that is going to bring you what you actually want.

Let's get honest about that, what you want, what I want and more accurately what every human wants at the core.

You want to be seen, to make a difference, to feel valued, to know your worth and to be abundantly rewarded for all of it.

So what if the yes to all the other distractions and must dos were dissolved?

What if you stop chasing after all the things and all the people that you hope like hell are going to provide you with a magic pill or silver bullet.

It's time to stop falling for every distraction and every maybe it might work idea or half-assed promise you come across. I get it, the desperation and fear of things never changing is running the show.

What if the ONLY yes you said was to step into {yourself} explore her, engage with her, understand her, listen to her, align with her and then LET her give YOU what you have been desperately grasping at?!?!

This is the work, your work, my work. The only work that is ever going to bring you lasting fulfillment.