Stagnation and settling terrify my soul.

I don’t believe in the word can’t and unrealistic excites the hell outta me.

I speak the language of HELL YES, it’s the only way I know.

I’m not interested in inspiration or motivation.
What I serve up is TRANSFORMATION

Next level, high consciousness, embodied experiences for those ready to get off the sidelines of life. 

I am bold, fierce, knowing, confident, wise, proud, loud and unapologetic. Sometimes that ruffles feather or comes off as arrogant. Who I am is a result of the life I have lived, it’s a combination of real-world depths of experiences. It’s not what I think. There is no arrogance in truth.

Books will teach you what you want to know, but that’ll never compare to the embodied experience of what’s available to you and who you become when you are called to walk through the eye of the storm several times over.

Very few have the steadfastness and tenacity to walk in closer, dive in deeper and get to the heart of it all. Very few have the desire to live so fully and freely that they are willing to endure it all.

The embodied experience of who you become after… loosing a child, one that’s never spoken of again…or you find the strength and courage to commit to healing a broken marriage…your house and your child is hit by lightening….or your children are intentionally harmed by other humans and you are committed to teaching them the good in people again…or you support someone you love through a terminal illness….or you not only have to survive anxiety and ptsd but you heal it….or you loose the ability to live as you once did do to physical injury and you have no choice but to reinvent life as you know it and from it all you are left with a hunger for a deepened understanding of how all of this works on a soul level. 

You’ll never unknow what you now know, the world’s viewed through new eyes.


Success, joy and fulfillment are the only logical options and each time you achieve them you begin to feel the stagnation set in and you know a new journey is about to begin. But it never comes from a place of chasing or of not having enough. It comes from a deep inner knowing of possibility.

It’s only those who have been through the eye of the storm and have a hunger for what lives beyond it that understand what true freedom, joy, fulfilment and success require of them. 

It’s the tiniest shifts, it’s depend understandings. It’s the willingness to walk in closer, dive in deeper and get to the heart of it all. It’s the readiness to get off the sidelines and start living the HELL YES life that will deliver you to the results you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve always coexisted with my rebel within. She has always danced between a little to much and just a little more. I’ve always pushed limits, broken rules and escaped boundaries

I’ve never not been all of this. 

No matter if I was:

  • My fashion designer with my own label self

  • My retail boutique chain owner self

  • My founder of our countries only farm model of it’s kind self

  • My business coach to kickass women self

  • My Yoga Teacher self

  • My certified Oneness Trainer self

  • My mom of 4 self or,

  • My wife of 28 years self

It doesn’t matter “what” I have been, WHO I have been has never wavered.

You are who you are, it’s what lights you up over and over. It’s the dream that fades and suddenly returns. It’s how you show up inside of your life no matter what. It’s what you’re most passionate about. It’s what you can’t help overhearing others talk about. It’s what you can’t help but help people understand just a little deeper. It is the truest essence of your energy.

Guiding you to the recognition and remembrance of who you truly are, what you CAN do and all that you deserve…IS who I am


I have no problem reflecting your self limiting stories back to you, unearthing the inner bs that you are clinging to, holding up the fingers you are pointing and guiding you directly to your most powerful, authentic, unapologetic self. 

Being defined as “a compassionate ass kicker” by one of my favourite clients (dear friend) is an honour and a responsibility I don’t take lightly. You and I will undoubtedly find ourselves amongst some shenanigans and will most defiantly find ourselves laughing at life and how easy it gets to be (once your ready to let it be)

I’ve paid my dues, I’ve learned through hard knocks. I’ve attained certifications most will never know about or care about. I’ve achieved successes only to leave them behind and begin again.

If you truly want to live your best life there are risks and chances your going to have to say YES to. Some would say this life comes at a cost. Personally my question is, can you afford not to be the HELL YES woman? To me that’s not a cost but rather an investment. The cost is NOT saying yes.

What most don’t know is what I have committed to and given (up) to be a leader and trailblazer in this life. Most aren’t even capable of understanding what it requires too live a life that they refer to as “it must be nice”. It looks rather romantic, but what does it require?

Most want it, they dream of it, they say they know their worthy of it…. but at the end of the day they desire their comfort zone more. They crave the safety and knowing of where they currently are and they’re not actually willing to do the work to live the life they say they want.

At age 16 I was out on my own, a 6 hours drive away from a single person I knew. No money, no job, no home. Told I’d never be anything. I had a point to prove. At 18 I was in college on my own dime. At 19 I was expecting our first born. At 20 I’d bring our son into this world, graduate and land my first personal label.

I learned a lot about what it took to get the results that few will get. I knew how to turn road blocks in to bridges and how to turn their words of criticism into fuel for the fire and make shit happen.


I’m not interested in dangling a carrot in front of you. I’m not into convincing anyone of anything. Mediocre results - no thank you. If you’re looking for motivating you’ll say I’m not compassionate or empathetic. Let me correct you now. I have so much compassion and empathy that I will not buy into your self limiting bs with you.

Stand me in front of a group or an individual that is ready to transform their life, their relationships or their money situation. Put me in front of people ready to step up and I will unapologetically tell them exactly what is going on, what is holding them back and what is needed to transform their experience.

If you’re truly ready, once I begin to tell you these truths you won’t want me to stop, next level is no longer an option. It’s HELL YES time. You give me 20 minutes I’ll give you the rest of your life.

A few fun facts.

  • I encourage our kids to do things like drop out of school, quit really secure jobs, get their pilots licence, manifest the heck out of life (aka follow their soul).

  • I live in the sticks and love city slicker moments.

  • I adore duality - one week I’m raw, next week I’m meat 3 times a day.(intuitive living at its finest)

  • I live through alignment and intuition.

  • Don’t ever ask me what’s next, I’ll know when I’m there.

  • Logical is something you should never expect from me.

  • The only thing you should ever expect from me is the unexpected.

  • I milked cows and shovelled shit and adored every moment of it as though I was a princess in a castle.

  • My love and I (of 28 years) well he dropped me off at 16, 6 hours away from anyone I knew, said he’d be back in two weeks (completing his two weeks notice) and had no intention of coming back!

  • If you give me an ultimatum, I’ll never choose what you think or hope.

  • I am Claircognizant

  • Unicorn shit with sprinkles on top (spiritual bypassing) Ya, that doesn’t go over so well.

  • I have the ability to pin point truth where you do not even know it’s a truth yet, leaving you saying holy shit YES.

  • I’ll shock you (every single time) how easy it is to heal a broken relationship. Sometimes you’ll hate me first…. but I’m down with that.

  • You liking me is not important to me. Me teaching you how to like you…..IS

  • I’ve walked away from doctors orders, declared bullshit to the “C” word and got on with life to come up clean 9 months latter.

  • I have others reach out to me asking for payers, intentions and healing because “you are powerful”

  • I have laid in bed wondering if anyone would notice if I was gone tomorrow.

  • If you’re not ready for it - you’ll find we’ll have a surface relationship until you are ready. I ‘ll love you as you are and I won’t be trying to convince you of anything.

  • I have lived both my dreams and my demons. I am ULTRA human. I am humble. I am an EXTRA - ordinary, human. NOT an extraordinary one.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Remember, life is not meant to be hard

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Loving life fully

Loving life fully

Remember, life is not meant to be hard..png