Write All Days

Write Always

Day 68 : What would you be doing if the answer was exactly the opposite of what you have been doing? Go do that.

Day 67: Sitting with yourself take some time to list everything (the tiniest things) that make you feel at peace, fulfilled, joyful, that feeling of ahhhh this feels good for my mind, body and spirit.

Day 66: Sometimes we try so hard to silence the whispers. What might be possible if you stopped trying so hard?

Day 65 : When I sit and feel into it fully, what I need most in my life right now is…….

Day 64: Without reason and without logic, without needing it to makes sense at all, It is, simply because i sit and let myself daydream today. This is the magic that I desire to live out loud…….

Day 63: I have had many ideas, passions and desires in my life but that one that keeps coming back no matter how many times I walk away from it is?

Day 62 : What do I NEED in this life?

Day 61 : If tonight was the last night you were to close your eyes as you lay your head on your pillow what would you be wishing you actually valued yourself enough to have done?

Day 60 : What I truly want in my life at this time is….. 10 things I can begin to do today that will make that happen are…..

Day 59: What area of you life do you feel most fulfilled in?
What area of your life are you feeling most challenged in?

Day 58 : How do I want to, How am I choosing to, How do I get to….show up inside of my abundant and prosperous life?

Day 57 : I am unconsciously bringing __________ into my life because that is what I am aligned with and believing is true. Now that I am aware of it I am choosing to believe ___________ instead.

Day 56 : What we ourselves take for granted is the very thing that we inspire others with. What might it be about yourself that is going unseen or unvalued as to you it is your everyday normal?

Day 55 : The one thing I have been saying one day to….but know it’s time to begin now is…..

Day 54 : Today I am choosing to choose _______ even though it may not feel comfortable

Day 53 : I am going to bring more meaning to my relationships this week by choosing to have conscious, deep , meaningful conversations with these 3 people by weeks end…….

Day 52 : While __________ feels so small and insignificant, deep down I know that if I was to do it what I would find is ______.

Day 51 : Today I am naming ALL that I AM and releasing all that I’m not.

Day 50 : My hearts deepest desire in this very moment is…..

Day 49 : Today I need to press pause on _____ to create some space for ______

Day 48 : Each week I spend a significant amount of time on _________ and yet it ads very little value to my life.

Day 47 : If ________ had never said “___________________” to me when I was a child today I would not be _______________________

Day 46 : One thing that I thinking about, but not quite ready to walk about yet .……

Day 45 : If I was the best in the world at what I do my this is how I would show up each day.……

Day 44 : If I was to back myself fully, standing behind my biggest dreams 100% it would look like this……

Day 43 : What I adore most about myself is….

Day 42 : What I want to receive most in my life is…. Knowing that I cannot receive what I do not give I am going to take the following aligned actions…..

Day 41 : My beliefs around how others should be/act stem from my upbringing. If I was to allow others to be as they are without having an opinion of how that looked my life would change in the following ways….

Day 40 : If I was to find more hours in each day to do what brings me the greatest fulfillment I would

Day 39 : After freeing up so much time and energy from no longer doing for doing sake I now choose to bring more of (list all that you want more of) ——— into my day, life and relationships

Day 38 : If there was absolutely nothing required of me before I was to get/have/achieve what I most desire (because there is not) I would immediately stop doing……

Day 37 : Over the last year the one thing I have come to love about myself the most is….. The area that I would like to expand my self love most is….

Day 36 : Contemplation: While I feel resistant to doing the thing that will make the biggest difference I do not have to choose to allow that resistance to decide that I will not do it. I can feel the resistance and choose to do it anyway.

Day 35 : Looking back, what made me believe the story I tell myself over and over today is/was…..

Day 34 : What if I do it ONLY for me? What if I ONLY do it for me? What if I do it for me ONLY?

Day 33 : It is these areas that I see myself standing by and agreeing with others about things that are not in alignment with who I am……

Day 32 : Allowing abundance to flow into each and every area of my life would mean that …..

Day 31 : My sub-conscious and foundational beliefs around having everything that I desire in life are…..

Day 30 : If doubt, dread and disbelief were dissolved instantly I would…….

Day 29 : On Jan 1 2019 I had intended to ……… (goal, resolution, desire, intention)

Today on Feb 2 reflecting on that I can see that I ………….

Day 28 : The things that I have been putting off, that are taking up energetic space in my mind and in my heart, the things I have been avoiding are……….

Choose one to do every day until they are done!

Day 27 : At my core, my deepest desires, the ones that I fail to recognize daily are….

Day 26 : If I was to do just this one thing ________________________.

It would impact my life in the following ways……(list everything that you can think of out)

Day 25 : Knowing the voice in my head that holds me back (in any way) is not mine, tracing it back to when that story started to play on repeat I can now see that the voice was that of…..

Day 24: Where is the time I’m spending not in alignment with what I desire to be doing in my life?

Day 23 : Daily Affirmation. - It doesn't have to be massive to be magnificent.

Day 22 : I am resistant to …………. because what I actually believe about it is…………..

Day 21 : What are you making harder than it needs to be?

Day 20 : At the end of today when my head hits the pillow, as long as I have ………

I will be able to say I showed up 100% for myself today.

Day 19 : It hasn’t already happened for me because….

Day 18 : If I was already who I desire to become, in this moment I would…

Day 17 : Daily Affirmation: In exploring the depths of my subconscious I release everything I find that does not serve me which I didn’t even realize I believed.

Day 16 : If there was zero risk and absolutely no chance of failing I would…..

Day 15 : When I …….

I feel alive, vibrant, magnetic and MOST IMPORTANTLY like 100% me.

I will bring more ………. into EACH and EVERY day.

Day 14 : If I spent ONE hour of every day that I currently waist mindlessly scrolling - to transform my life I would spend it …..

The result after 30 days would look like….

Day 13 : If I dropped the need of doing it to make money and there were absolutely zero money concerns I would…..

Day 12 : Each day I find myself (doing)…..

Every time I do it I ask myself why on earth do I waist time on this. It does not ad to or enhance my life, it does not move me forward, it does not increase my consciousness, it in fact leaves me feeling less of how I desire to feel and yet over and over I press repeat.

If I’m being honest with myself I do it so that …….. because……..

Day 11 : If I was to squash the generalization of what I desire to create and experience in my life and instead I was to name it as a specific, identifiable, measurable thing/experience it would be…

Day 10 : The truth is…

Day 9 : I’m not sure what I should/need to/desire to do inside of my life/work but if I did know I would……

Day 8 : If I was willing to believe it get’s to be easy - this is how my life, my work, my days would look.

Day 7 : If I choose___(specific action)___ instead of___(specific action)___. In 3 months my life would look like…..

Day 6 : Intuitively I know what I want and what I’m meant for. I’m spending time preparing…. which is what is actually keeping me from it - allowing me to stay in distraction rather than action. How would my life change if I trusted fully, stopped planning everything and simply took the next right action?

Day 5 : If I was to look deeply, with great awareness inside of myself and my words, how often would I see that (consciously or sub consciously) I repeatedly affirm, reaffirm, build up others in hopes that they will offer me and see in me the significance I seek to feel about myself?

Day 4 : If you were to act on everything soul guided you to do, without thinking, editing or altering it in order to feel more comfortable for the next 30 days how would your life change?

Day 3 : The number one thing that is holding me back from stepping into my life/work (more) fully is?

Given that I know this, I am choosing to allow it to hold me back because…

Day 2 : If I was to stop thinking about what I need/should to do and I was to start following what I felt led/guided to do by soul…. I would ?

DAY 1 : The top ten things I deeply desire to do, yet I hold off because I don’t think I’m ready just yet OR perhaps what’s truer is I’m actually terrified to succeed due to what that success will require of me? Day 4 : D